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for that killer believed to be in that neighborhood. are you looking to buy a home in the bay area? you will probably need two things these days, luck and lots of cash. that's according to realty experts who say the bay area is ground zero for a stunning new trend. it's called flash sales. homes selling within 24 hours of hitting the market. nbc bay area is live in palo alto. experts say they are seeing the flash sales at every price level. >> reporter: this palo alto home is just shy of 1,000 square feet. it was listed at 1.2 million and went for half a million dollars more and 20 offers. people are trying to buy these houses hours after they are listed and usually if they want a good shot they have lots of cash. >> a lot of natural light.
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at 1,200 square feet this home is listed at a cool 1.5 mill. >> just within 24 hours we already had a client offer us more than $300,000 and above. we said please wait. >> with historic low interest tlats competitive cash offers are no longer limited to high end homes. >> they are spreading to other neighborhoods. >> ceo of red fin which is in 19 u.s. markets. he says flash sales are happening in more and more neighborhoods. >> in the bay area we have seen 1,000 homes under contract in less than 24 hours. >> reporter: timing does seem critical. according to the realty association for a single family home between february last year and this year inventory was slashed by more than half
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dropping 44% in san mateo county. >> sometimes you are getting 40 plus offers. there are sometimes traffic jams outside of open houses. folks get worried that they can't wait for the offer deadline on sunday so they try to buy it on the spot. >> reporter: that is what happened at this home. it got nine same-day offers. the seller accepted one making it a flash sale above the $599,000 asking price. the only relief is when people decide to sell. hoping to go for countless frustrated buyerers. companies offer alerts. you get the pictures, the information on the spot and then all you have to do is press a button and get an agent with you to that house. experts say that fast access could be part of the reason why you are seeing these fast sales
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and hot competition. >> the market picking up and picking up fast. a long time bay area baseball coach has turned himself in to police before being released on bail. our cameras caught joel kaufman leaving the martin ezjail where he was booked this morning. he was released on a $325,000 bail just two hours ago. he is accused of molesting a teen boy and secretly filming another one in a bathroom. kaufman owns a popular batting cage facility and ran baseball programs for years in various bay area cities. police are trying to determine if there are more alleged victims. tonight angry parents are questioning security at an elementary school after a child was reportedly grabbed on the
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school grounds. what is the school's response tonight? >> the district admits that it could have reacted quicker. tonight parents are very upset not just by the reported attack of a second grader but by how the school has handled the situation. tonight the district is facing very tough questions, namely why they didn't report it to police until days later. >> for a person to walk into a school and be able to grab a child like that and nobody knows or sees -- >> reporter: parents are baffaled and alarmed by what happened tuesday afternoon. police say a second grader was grabbed from behind in the hallway as he walked out of the boys' bathroom. >> as he was exiting the bathroom an a unknown male, dark complected came up from behind him and grabbed him, covered his mouth. the student bit down on the subject's hand and the student
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ran away. >> this is a rare occurrence. i'm just glad the child is safe. >> reporter: the principal says staff couldn't find the attacker but has now tightened security and more closely monitoring visitors and reminding kids to use the buddy system when going to the restroom. but they didn't notify police until this morning leaving parents more upset. >> it happened on tuesday i'm being told and the police were notified friday morning. that is unacceptable. i'm not happy at all. >> reporter: police say they are doing all they can to get to the bottom of it but they say the student only got a glimpse of the suspect describing him as a teenager wearing dark pants and shoes. >> that is a parent, police officer's worst nightmare is someone coming into a secure environment such as a school. we are actively investigating this case to make sure that we can find out what exactly happened. >> reporter: parents say they
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are grateful the boy knew what to do to get away. >> i commend the little boy for having the mind state to do what he did and make sure he made it home safely. >> i commend his parents because somebody talked to him in order to know how to get away from somebody. the fact that he did get away amazing. >> reporter: and a very brave young man. tonight the district superintendent tells me that the district should have called police sooner. she says the principal was trying to conduct his own internal investigation to figure out whether or not another student perhaps was behind the grabbing. now, the school did send out a phone message to parents last night. they will be holding a special meeting next monday at 6:00 to answer questions and concerns from parents. reporting live i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thanks for the update. the oakland police department has promoted the
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first class of new officers in nearly five years. police chief pinned badges on 38 new officers today. that brings the number of sworn officers up to 649. he says he is pleased the city made a commitment to hire new officers and said the city could surely use more. >> it is a step in the right direction. i continue to say we need 1,000 officers. so we are half way there, more than half way there. as long as we keep finding the way to fund this department and provide the resources necessary to fight crime i think we are definitely on the right track. >> there is a new police academy starting on monday and then another academy in six months. a rock slide triggered a multiple car accident on 101. geologists were evaluating the hill side's stability soon after the slide. our chopper was over the scene this morning at 4:45 a.m. initially the entire road was
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blocked when a large boulder tumbled on to an suv. at least three more cars crashed into the suv and the guard rail. still ahead here at 6:00 he stands out for coming out. the first openly gay executive in major team sports explains how he knew it was time to reveal his secret. making it harder to fight a ticket. the new push to green light more red light cameras across california. and we'll look into the latest twitter controversy and offer a few tips to avoid creating one of your own. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. quite a bit of wind here. wind gusts 40 to 45 miles per hour. san jose 15 to 20 miles per hour kicking around all of the pollen in the atmosphere. we will have details of when rain will return and wash that pollen away.
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if your money is on tech startups it has been a good week. let's bring in scott budman who has an eye on your wallet. >> tech startups are red hot again and investors seem willing to move money from bigger companies like oracle to smaller companies, case in point, marin software. shares of marin based in san francisco gained 16% on the first day of trading. a rough afternoon for cisco systems. the networking giant ordered to pay $70 million to a new york company. a jury found that cisco fraudulently obtained technology. cisco says it will appeal. it has been a whirl wind of 48 hours for twitter. the san francisco company which lets you communicate to the world in 180 characters or less turned seven years old yesterday and has shown why people love it
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and in some cases fear it. >> reporter: ipad in hand you can say sergeant mike fisher is what twitter is all about, sending out quick messages to followers about what he and the mountain view police department is doing as part of a global tweet athon featuring pds. >> we are able to interact with the community on a quicker level. as soon as we send information out and say there is a traffic accident we can put that out right away and it feeds off. we have close to 5,500 followers. we are hitting that many people instantly. >> reporter: it's not every day that every traffic stop is broadcast via twitter but in 140 characters or less this department and this town is becoming a two-way street. >> now it's completely transparent. not only are we sending information out to the community but they can report to us. an accident just occurred.
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besides calling 911 someone might see the traffic backing up. >> reporter: partly because of the its transparency twitter can cut sharply. this photo sent during a tech conference called out a small group of men making insensitive comments. one of them lost his job. the woman who sent the tweet lost her job, too. according to one local professor, a teachable moment. >> be a listener first which doesn't mean be a creepy looker because that will back fire, too. be paying attention to what other people are saying before you start saying anything. >> reporter: twitter has packed a lot into seven years with many more discoveries and lessons to come. twitter results were fined $50 million by a french court. >> thank you. nchlts police have identified
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the woman who died in a hit-and-run accident this morning but the person who hit her is still on the run. the body of amanda venti was on 280 in san jose. it happened around 3:15 this morning and lanes were closed for nearly seven hours. haz-mat crews worked to clear the scene. officers don't know why she was walking on the freeway but didn't have i.d. on her. the driver who hit her fled the scene and chp is asking for help. california drivers can find it harder to fight red light tickets. under the new bill drivers would not be able to go to trial to fight red light camera tickets. drivers caught by the cameras have scored so many court victories that many cities have abandoned the technique. those against it are calling on
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people to spend the weekend flooding the office with calls opposing this bill. we have been talking about it for months and now it is almost upon us. big changes to the golden gate bridge. on wednesday the bridge will switch to an all electric system meaning no more toll takers. you can pay by fast track or a camera will record your license plate and send you a bill. the change can save time when you cross the bridge. the board of directors voted to raise the speed limit from 5 to 25 miles per hour. an amazing display of teamwork that should leave kids smiling. volunteers from shutter fly built an entire playground in six hours at the eden area ymca. >> biggest thing this has done is get our name out into the community to tell people that we are back and we are going to have a strong presence in this community and it has been amazing. the mayor is coming, the city council is coming, firefighters
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are here. they are helping us build this playground today so we can change lives for the better. >> the design came from children's drawings. >> how cool is that? >> very cool. let's bring in our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri. a cool temperature. but outside, we are here on the weekend. >> we have a mix of stuff happening. we have cool weather at the coast line and then more milder weather. today the biggest story really in the weather department has been the wind. 20 to 40 miles per hour at the coast line creating dangerous seas that will be with us saturday. there is small craft advisories in effect. the winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. while the wind is kicking around the pollen it is also helping to push out any kind of stagnant air and giving us good air
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quality. the wind also helping temperatures to warm up. it is a dry wind and slightly offshore for parts of the bay area to get us up to 75 in walnut creek. morgan hill almost at 70 degrees. let's take a look outside of our live hd camera network on this fine friday evening. clear skies here and then we will take you off to the north and you will see visibility down towards the bay bridge. expect little in the way of fog with that wind currently in place. throughout tomorrow maybe -- the best time to get out and make sure you have the spf. by the afternoon high clouds will filter in. temperatures inland low 70s. dry all the way through monday. we are going to put rain back in here as we head to the seven day forecast. and just because it is friday i found an awesome picture on our facebook page an arial view from
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one of our viewers in a plane coming back from oregon. she took this shot. you can see the golden gate bridge and then back here towards the marina an awesome shot. >> beautiful. >> nice bird's eye view. >> the north wind making it clear, too. >> still ahead why a prize piece of san francisco history is on the auction block. >> this isn't a smart phone launch. the major reason why these people are camping out all weekend. back in a moment.
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san francisco symphony musicians visited businesses to talk about why they went on strike. ♪ they played a small concert to call attention to the economic impact the strike is having on local businesses. concert goers dine in the valley before and after the show.
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musicians have been on strike since march 13 forcing the cancellation of an east coast tour. an unusual scene ahead of the historic decision. people are lining up to witness the supreme court hearings on same sex marriage. the hearings begin next tuesday when the justices will take up california's prop a. on wednesday they will hear arguments over the defense of marriage act. >> outspoken san francisco archbishop reiterated his opposition to gay marriage in an interview. the archbishop says he believes it would cause quote enormous heart ache. he goes on to say of course i realize many people in san francisco disagree with the church's teachings on marriage and sex but there is also a very deep embedded catholic culture here. my job is to teach the truths of our faith and the truths of the
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natural moral law and whatever challenges that entails i embrace with enthusiasm. we can learn to respect each other across differences and even to love one another end quote. one of the most notable men in the gay community and he is also the first of his kind. how he changed the sports world on and off the court. a revealing interview with the president of the golden state warriors. winter may be over but it is still fresh in the mind of wine makers. and public support for gun reform might be picking up steam but democratic leadership has definitely hit a snag. we take a look at whether harry reid and colleagues have broken a promise when it comes to overhauling gun laws.
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there is a good chance you haven't heard of them but you
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have heard of the organization he runs. the team president of the warriors is a major player in the world of basketball but his legacy is in the gay community. ehe came out almost two years ago. does he regret it? tonight the interview. >> reporter: what you see in a warriors game isn't much different than what you see in any nba game, plenty of glits and glamour and hometown cheer. what is different is this man. >> for me it has been really a wonderful personal journey. >> reporter: he is one of the most successful sports executives in the country. in the 1980s he helped resurrect the nba by rebranding the league. more recently he resurrected his soul he shared his secret and became the first openly gay executive in any majorer sport. >> one of the real things that kept me from doing it as long as
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i did was the fact that nobody in a position like mine had ever taken that step. as a result i couldn't look to see how that was going to turn out. >> reporter: it has been almost two years since he came out but two years doesn't erase the lifetime of hiding. >> the sacrifices in terms of your partners how difficult was that? >> that probably was the tipping point for me. i had a relationship i had for 14 years that didn't end well. i think a lot of the reason behind that was the fact that i wasn't able to include the most important person in my life into my work environment where i spend a lot of time. at that point a couple of things happened. my mother was sick with lung cancer. i think i just made the decision i wasn't prepared to make that sacrifice anymore and started to think about if i did this and did it in a certain way would i have the opportunity to make a
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contribution to the dialogue on sexuality and especially male professional sports. >> there are active nba players who are gay. at what point will they feel good enough to come out? >> that's the big question, isn't it. i don't know. i think it will be amazingly courageous when somebody decides to take that step. these are by definition very young people with not a lot of life experience beyond basketball. it will happen but predicting when i think is a difficult thing to do. >> have you spoken to any of them? >> no. i talk to a lot of people. i'm not going to talk about who i have spoken to. but i think everyone -- it is such a personal journey. it was for me. i knew when the time was right for me. i think somebody else will know when that time is right. i think that when it does happen
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that that athlete whatever sport they are in is going to be surprised at what a positive response they are going to get from not only fans and teammates, companies that have them as major endorsers. i think it is going to be a good experience but whoever that player is suffering from a little bit from what i was suffering from and there hasn't been an active player who has decided to take that step so it is really hard to know. it is geeg to take a special person with the right set of circumstances to take that step. >> do warrior fans or owners care that you are gay or care about the playoffs? >> that is not a topic of conversation and not one that they really think about. it is all about creating a world class organization that this community, this area deserves. and we're doing everything in our power on the court and off the court to try to build something that fans can really be proud of, we can have success on the court and do great things.
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and that's what we are all about every day. >> he has an amazing track record. he says he speaks to a lot of community groups about his sexuality and basketball. you can see other high profile interviews. go to president obama is wrapping up his last day in jordan tonight. the king expressed concerns about the civil war in syria. he says the small country is taking in 7,000 refugees every day. 460,000 in the past two years. president obama has pledged millions of dollars in aid. mr. obama answered a question from the audience about why the u.s. hasn't used force against the regime. >> the united states often finds itself in a situation where if it goes in military then it is criticized and if it doesn't then people say why aren't you.
6:30 pm
>> earlier in the the day the president visited the church of the nativity with palestinian leader. the holocaust memorial with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. before president obama left israel diplomatic kudos to him. he was able to persuade netanyahu to apologize. the two allies have had an icy relationship. small airports are being forced to close the air traffic control as the latest fallout in the sequester cuts. the faa has ordered 149 control towers to shut down beginning in just the next couple of weeks. most of our local airports were spare td. sacramento and salinas will be affected. air traffic controllers warn pilots will have to land their planes without an extra set of
6:31 pm
eyes in the towers. a suspected love triangle gone horibly wrong in virginia. three marines dead following a murder suicide. the gunman was a man and the victims a man and a woman. a difficult can week for the marines. on monday seven marines were killed during a mortar explosion. columbine, virginia tech, aurora and newtown all tragedies that tore communities apart. they failed to produce significant change in our gun laws. >> democratic leaders are struggling to deliver. why harry reid and fellow democrats have not broken a promise to the american people. >> we heard it from lawmakers and loved ones affected by the tragedies never again. here we are a few months removed from newtown and harry reid has removed an assault weapon ban
6:32 pm
from a gun reform bill. some feel betrayed but they shouldn't and here is why. >> reporter: one of the bleakest moments in recent american history prompted cries from some of washington's most powerful figures that this time was different, changes in our gun laws would have to happen. harry reid said this. >> i have to get something on the floor so we can have votes on that issue and the other issues that i talked about. that is what i am going to try to do. >> i looked at bodies that have been shot with these weapons. >> reporter: the senate majority leader yanked dianne feinstein's bill for fears it couldn't get enough votes. did reid and other democrats betray families by not fighting for an assault ban? >> any legislation is a success. our congress is ineffectual on
6:33 pm
any issue. >> reporter: gun reform advocates like robin thomas, executive director aren't feeling betrayed. instead, they are evaluating the obstacle course that is congress in trying to maximize their chances for success. >> you have a situation where the threatened filibuster has shifted the dynamic. rather than looking at to get to 51 they are looking to get to 60. >> reporter: other reform groups are taking the same reasoned approach while acknowledging many felt betrayed by reid the coalition says it is important to understand the procedural hurdles he is contemplating. santa clara constitutional law professor who is also a gun expert agrees reid is trying to optimize his chances for a bill to pass. he says while assault bans likely pass constitutional
6:34 pm
muster universal background checks most certainly do and is a much more practical option for a divided congress. >> if you are a gun control proponent you would want something more. you would be arguing for an assault ban or a magazine capacity ban along with the background check. those are not politicly feasible. the background check is still a significant move forward. >> for universal background checks to get through congress that is another issue. the professor says the law will have to address concerns over record keeping. the point remains the same. democratic congressional leaders they have promised gun reform after newtown but did not promise to reinvent the process. democratic leadership is doing what it can with the tools available to it. gun reform groups understand the nuance and that is why accusations of broken promises and betrayal aren't fair and
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aren't accurate. not much longer why a multimillion dollar pride is on its way out. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. a lot of sunshine today. it is going to continue throughout tomorrow. temperatures in the 60s. a little bit of cloud cover by the afternoon but still a very enjoyable day. if you are heading to the oakland running festival mostly sunny skies. back to the full seven day in a few minutes.
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tomorrow will be a big day at the monterey aquarium. the otter display will reopen. among the changes new high tech
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features to help visitors identify each otter and learn about their behavior. monterey bay aquarium is the nation's leading authority on rescuing, raising and rehabbing sea otterers. the famous mural of the pied piper has hung behind the bar of the palace hotel since 1909. it was commissioned for the reopening of the hotel. the hotel removed the painting today in preparation for the sale in may. a similar mural in new york is valued at more than 12 million bucks. palace owners say they are worried about the safety of the treasure so they are hoping george lucas will buy it. he is a noted collector and wants to build an art museum. >> that would be wonderful if it stays here in the city. >> he can afford it, too. >> we are trying to encourage him to buy it.
6:39 pm
million dollar forecast outside right now. and also coming your way for this weekend we will have details on how warm it will get. beautiful outside. i'm spending all of my time inside watching basketball. we have great basketball for you. highlights of the california state house championship and one of the craziest finishes you are going to see. plus cal still dancing. they are fired up for syracuse up next. from the x finity sports desk the bears talk about how they plan on pulling off another upset. if you like shrimp, then you're going to love
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sizzler's shrimp combos starting at just $9.99! four kinds of shrimp, seasoned just right and served in three new combinations. at sizzler!
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the dominican republic celebrating a win capping a perfect 8-0 run while becoming the only undefeated team ever in the third edition. and fans of the dominican republic joining the players to celebrate the style. reliever wanted the chance as well as a general manager. all making their home country proud. on the other side giants outfielder was named to the all team. >> it is puerto rico. we play with our heart. i tip my hat to the dominicans. >> the field crew gets ready for the home opener.
6:43 pm
n . from baseball to wine. it's that time of year after the winter slumber our local vines are awake. bay area wine makers are a little nervous. here is joe rosato, jr. >> reporter: the coming of screen is a colorful rite of passage in the bay area. everywhere trees are slipping into their spring blossom. in the jargon of the wine industry it is known on vines as bud break. >> when you get warm weather you produce buds or bud break. bud break is really the beginning of wine making. >> reporter: the sight of tiny leaves signaled the coming of a new growing season. >> we count up two spurs, one, two. and this is where the buds come from. and this will turn into canes cht. >> reporter: fourth generation wine maker is keeping one eye on his vines and another on the
6:44 pm
sky. >> january and february we are not as wet as normal. so we are having to compensate right now. >> reporter: the dry start to the year has wine makers nervous. with vines beginning to bud they are worried temperatures will take a dive. >> frost is our biggest threat. we are not really worried so much about rain but just 30 minutes of exposure under 30 degrees dedamage the buds at this point. >> you are seeing a little bit later stages of bud break. various stages. >> reporter: he is also thinking rain. >> last two years we had over four inches by march 21. this year we have just under one. >> reporter: although the livermore valley rarely experiences bad frost he says it is always in the back of his mind. >> all of this good growth we could freeze it and stunt it
6:45 pm
all. >> reporter: in this wine region bud break is mostly a time of celebrate with wine makers hosting barrel tastings. >> it is a great time to celebrate this and see the buds breaking mostly on the white. >> reporter: now if only mother nature will get the notice. joe rosato, jr., nbc bay area news. >> a lot of people listening with open ears on that one when it comes to local wines. jeff ranieri, what is going on in livermore? >> we are looking at changes definitely rainfall. no freezing temperatures. we heard how if we get temperatures at 32 and below it could damage the crops. for livermore specifically not too much rainfall in 2013. one of the driest starts to the calendar year ever on record. livermore only 1.39 inches of rainfall in 2013. the average to date should be
6:46 pm
7.67. we are behind nearly 6. inches. november and december we had all of that rainfall so that is keeping the rainfall for the season at 72% of average. so there is a little bit of good and bad so far. otherwise top wind gusts today blustery at the coast line. 40 to 45 miles per hour. the wind definitely blowing around the pollen. everything is off the chart. we expect it to stay that way not only for saturday but all the way through monday. all of the sunshine coming our way courtesy of high pressure could be tempting to go outside a lot. let's take you outside to the live hd sky network camera. the hills are green but you can see brown patches from the lack of rainfall in 2013. we take you to san francisco and we have had rainfall here this week, also fog and drizzle. but the flag on the right side of your hd screen is fairly still. the winds are beginning to calm down. as the sun sets no sign of fog
6:47 pm
tonight. high pressure offshore should continue this mild trend as we head right into your weekend. saturday and sunday looking pretty awesome. the jet scream right across northern california. it is going to dream in. a bit of cloud cover throughout saturday and keep us out of the warm category. i do not think we will see record setting temperatures. for the morning hours we start with 38 in santa rosa. 42 in san jose and 43 in los gatos. daytime highs very similar to today. 70 in shan hose. 68 in santa cruz. low 70s for morgan hill. palo alto 69. and for the east bay a few 70s like livermore at 70. walnut creek 72. alamo expected right around 71 degrees. slight wind off the bay will help keep temperatures down just a bit. san francisco 65. you go right up here into the north bay and it quickly heats
6:48 pm
up. cooler with 59. on your three day forecast expecting dry weather once again the next couple of days. the best beach weather will be at santa cruz with temperatures in the upper 60s. all along our coast line that is the spot to be this weekend if you want to get near the water. sunny skies throughout sunday. a little cloud cover on monday. pollen will stay high. temperatures near 70. eventually rain coming our way it looks like a little by wednesday and thursday. not a big storm system but then by friday the forecast models are beefing it up a bit calling it a possible storm because there is still a chance for this to change. it could weaken and head way to the south and miss us entirely. we will keep a close eye on that one. otherwise keep a close eye on your weekend and have a lot of fun, you guys. let's get to sports. >> let's do it. >> i'm having a lot of fun with my bracket. how are you doing, jim? >> way to go, show off.
6:49 pm
i know you are probably running away with it. give me time. here we go. when it comes to the ncaa tournament, some of the best moments are in the early rounds. that is what the pacific tigers were hoping to do against a good miami hurricanes team. let's get it started. taking on a two seeded miami. watching his son shane playing. first half up 20. part of the run. still first. tigers are down 21. could they come back? second half it is more. he finds scott for the three. 78-49. it's the final game for pacific coach. >> i know i got a bunch of tapes and a bunch of stuff. my wife says when are you going
6:50 pm
to open that box. i said when the season is over. she has only known me as a head coach. she will either like me better or we will have problems. we have been married 40 years so i think we are okay. >> and he has been a coach for 42 years. good luck to you. cal on the other hand gearing up for the show down with syracuse scheduled to tip off on saturday 6:40 hp pavilion. maybe playing a game close to home will give them a boost. >> it's not going to be easy to get the shots that you think you are going to get in your head. you are thinking about it playing against the zone you get kind of excited. we know they are pretty athletic. you just got to find the open spots that they leave open in the zone. you know we have to be patient on offense. >> the gap they play passing lanes and have great length. it really is unique zone in that
6:51 pm
it is not a two-three and not a one-two-two. it is a two-two-one. they play the forwards very high. they almost dare you to throw it to the corner because they will trap some and come running at you. >> we are in the tournament for a reason. we are going to play the best of the best. we can go out there and play our basketball. just be calm and let the game come to us. >> to put california on the map at the national team. >> high school state championships. st. joseph up four.
6:52 pm
11 seconds left. makes it down the lane. underwood for the wichb. nails it. i ain't kidding you. that is how you celebrate right there. second round of the arnold palmer invitational. watch out for the water hazard. tiger woods makes eagle. tied for seven. kevin chapel par 3. watch this thing, everybody. he only uses one club. we call that a hole in one. chapel missed the cut at 7 over. crock not impressed with that. he should be a little happier.
6:53 pm
yients be giants beat the rockies. i know you will be in the lead in the bracket. >> can you tell me who you picked to win? >> michigan state. my >> kansas. >> not bad. >> louisville for me. >> see you guys. >> have a great weekend. >> we are back in a moment. stay with us. hello?
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tonight at 11:00 not quite according to plan. we will hear from the bay area couple who welcomed a new baby to the road on the side of the road. how mom says dad did as the emergency played out. oakland will be filled with runners from around the country. it is the fourth annual running festival and expected to be the first with nice weather. 26 bands, dee jays lining the course. they are so happy because for the past three years it has been raining. >> no rain. >> have a great friday night. >> good night, folks.
6:57 pm
[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> "extra, extra." >> now on "extra," all new leno's first
6:58 pm
interview about the "tonight show" shakeup. have a good day, my friend. >> the rumor he's out-foxing the competition, jumping ship to another network. >> you have to believe others will try and get him. details from his secret late-night meeting with nbc. is the network furious he's biting the hand that feeds him? tiger and lindsey vonn's love match. is it a p.r. ploy to make millions? why does elin's new gofriend possibly have to through a criminal check. chaos.dashian kim k grilled about kris humphries' no show at the divorce deposition and lindsay lohan's worst idea ever? pre-rehab plan to spend a week with charlie sheen. >> in a full gown and stilettos? awkward.
6:59 pm
>> bachelor sean's ballroom bump he's and, proof positive dance virgin. >> no natural ability whatsoever. extra." >> hey, everyone, welcome to "extra" at the grove, i'm mario lopez. >> and i'm maria menounos. is tiger's new romance with olympian lindsey vonn a to repair hist image? that's coming up. jay leno's secret meeting with we get his first interview about the headlines in. out and fallon's the most talked about man on tv, the man at the center of the late night wars, tracked down in hollywood. new video, paparazzi dodging traffic to ask the one question everyone wants answered. think jimmy fallon will be a good replacement? >> merry christmas! questions,ing their turning his career crisis into a punchline. the "tonight show" be good in new york? >> my microphone's

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